E3 Day 1: EA Play

Day one of E3 is over and I’m already prepping for day two. Tonight we’re going to get a Microsoft conference I’m surprisingly excited about considering I haven’t owned a Microsoft console since the original XBox, and Bethesda which duh. But first let’s go over some of the stuff EA showed at the first day of the convention.

They started off right in their very predictable wheel house. Sports. Now I am not a sports gamer but I will say that the graphic on FIFA 18 looked amazing. We didn’t get any news on the version for Switch until after the presentation which was a bit of a bummer, but now we know that the Switch version IS a slightly limited version of FIFA 18 and I feel like that’s fine because we get the added portability of the Nintendo console. Then we had a section which looked like a promotion for a reality show that felt like the America’s Next Top Model of eSports except without a single woman anywhere in it. I’ll be honest, I have even less interest in that than the sports games themselves. We also got a bit on the new NBA Live that looks both stunning and kind of fun! I really enjoy the street pickup game thing and that could almost allow a bit of rollplay in what is at it’s core, just another EA Sports staple.

We then got three non-sport games for a bit. We got Star Wars Battlefront II first but I’m going to save that to until the end, because we got it there too. First up is A Way Out, a couch co-op action RPG from the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Josef Fares. You and a friend plan and execute a prison break in a split screen, first person perspective. It looks amazing and very creative. I’m interested to see more, but I wasn’t pulling up Amazon for my pre-order with just what we saw today. Then we got about 30 seconds of Bioware’s new IP, Anthem. We still know next to nothing, but now we know that there are robots, a wall, mech suits, and some really nice font choices. We’re going to be hearing more about this game today at the Microsoft conference, but I’m already excited to see what my favorite game studio has been working on.

Last but OH CERTAINLY NOT EVEN CLOSE TO LEAST, is the new stuff for Star Wars Battlefront II. It might be an understatement when I say I am a huge freakin’ Star Wars nerd, but I am a freaking HUGE Star Wars nerd. We got a lot of new info on this beautiful game including more about the single player campaign, the fact that Finn is going to be in there, a lot of the DLC is going to be free (whaaaaat) and IT’S SO FREAKIN’ PRETTY. They did a full live play section after the on stage section and first, well done Maul, but BOBA?! Playing an imperial officer? I am so painfully in. This was the first game that had me looking it up for pre-ordering. I never got to play the first one but you bet your ass this one will be on my shelf as soon as it comes out.

So now I just need to get my eyeballs ready for the wonder that’s going to come later today. I’ll post about my thoughts as they’re happening on my Twitter @Cybrbunnie or here tomorrow once I have some time to figure it all out. I’m keeping the comments on this time so let me know what you were excited about yesterday or what you’re looking forward to seeing today!

Note: Yes, I forgot about Battlefield and Need for Speed when I first wrote this. Both were pretty but not my kinda games.


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